As part of the vision to deliver great advice to more Australians, the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) has partnered with David Koch’s Pinstripe Media, to launch the inaugural Your Money and Your Life (YMYL) Expo to be held at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, November 9 and 10, 2018.

The YMYL Expo is a free consumer event, offering people a wonderful opportunity to discover the value of financial advice by learning how to better engage with their money.

“We know that financial issues are a major cause of stress for people and have a significant impact on work, relationships and health,” said AFA National President and YMYL convenor Marc Bineham.We also know that good advice helps them, however many find the process daunting.”

Mr Bineham said many people don’t understand what financial advice is, don’t know what good advice looks like, and are often too embarrassed or, given recent events like the Royal Commission, too wary to seek help.

“Over the course of the year we have also received a lot of feedback from members. We have listened to this feedback and believe it is our role to help change this consumer view and provide a positive message to the Australian community on the value of financial advice.”

The YMYL Expo is about taking the mystery out of money so that people are inspired to learn and understand more about their finances.

“Via an informative program and a fun, entertaining and interactive format, it is designed to help break down barriers, to make the world of finance more accessible and more easily understood and to help point consumers in the right direction to access financial advice,” Mr Bineham said.

Over the two days of the YMYL Expo, visitors will have the opportunity to hear from informed speakers, connect with leading experts within the financial services sector and engage with interactive wealth management tools at expo stands.

“We are proud to partner with Pinstripe Media to deliver the inaugural YMYL Expo, which we hope will become an annual event,” Mr Bineham said. “David Koch is very familiar with our industry and very familiar to consumers. The partnership provides us with access to Pinstripe’s far-reaching platforms which means we will be able to deliver many parts of the expo program to Australians right across the country.”

Content from the YMYL Expo will be provided nationally through the AFA’s Your Best Interest program and sessions will be available via webcast and across social media. The content will also be used over the coming year to help consumers connect with their finances and to highlight the value of advice. “The value of the expo to both consumers and advisers therefore extends far beyond the two-day event,” Mr Bineham said.

The expo has attracted a range of financial services exhibitors from across the industry as well as lifestyle providers, helping fund the event. “We believe that our industry has a very real collective responsibility to educate, inform and demystify financial matters for consumers while providing a positive, proud message of the good work they do every day on behalf of Australians.”

Mr Bineham said the lifestyle component of the expo is just as important, as good financial advice helps many Australians through significant life events from marriage, children, funding school fees, travel, buying property right through to retirement and aged care.

“Showcasing lifestyle exhibitors and providing information to consumers in these areas is central to financial wellbeing,” he said. “Life balance and having control of your money is what underpins it all. We believe the YMYL Expo will encourage Australians to take an interest in and seek greater control of their financial future; to value quality financial advice, and to realise the power and impact advice can have on their personal wellbeing.”

If interested in becoming an Exhibitor or Sponsor for this exciting new initiative, please contact our Events Team on 02 8850 4200.