The Australian Property Institute (API) is reaching out to members affected by the Australian bushfire emergency. 

“Like the rest of the world, we have been profoundly saddened by the impact of the bushfires in multiple regions across Australia,” said API CEO, Amelia Hodge. “This crisis is particularly close to our heart, as while many of our members will be involved in quantifying the horrifying impact of the fires at an economic level, many may also live in these communities, own impacted businesses and be assessing the land of friends, family, and fellow community members. They may also have been personally impacted by the bushfires themselves.”

Ms Hodge appealed to members who have been or are at risk of being personally impacted to contact the API to gather more information as to how the API can support them. 

“We are also working hard to proactively track down affected members,” she said. “We want our members to know that we are here to help.”

Members affected by the fires can now access emergency counselling services available via the API’s Employee Assistance Program. “We have negotiated to extend the program beyond our employees to our members for this period and meet the costs of the program.”

Members can access the program via their local Member Services Manager by calling the member hotline on 1800 111 274.

The API will also be announcing a free webinar for members, focused on fire risk rating and valuing fire damaged land.

“We will be helping to support the economic rebuild of affected regions by running CPD events in these areas at the appropriate time,” Ms Hodge said. “We strongly encourage our city-based members to support these regions by traveling to the events and investing their professional development costs back into affected communities.” 

The events will be focussed on topics such as fire risk rating, re-establishing businesses, mental health, water rights and forecasting the impact of climate change in regional areas. 

“We recognise that in times of emergency immediate financial support is critical, however we also need to help these communities get back on their feet once the immediate crisis is over by encouraging travel and economic growth in the affected regions,” Ms Hodge said.

The API is encouraging those who can to donate to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund, and Foodbank Australia, accessible via the following links. 

Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

Foodbank Australia

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