The Advisers Association (TAA) is pleased to announce that Bill Beimers was appointed Chair of the association at its Annual General Meeting today.

TAA CEO, Neil Macdonald said, “Bill has served on the TAA board as Vice Chair since 2020 and was also a Board member of TAA’s forerunner, AMPFPA, from 2019. He is a practising financial adviser with over 23 years’ experience in financial services and has expert knowledge of the industry, having worked from the ground up with financial institutions in the retail banking, insurance and advice sectors.”

Mr Beimers is the founder and Managing Director of SEQ Advice, a leading Queensland-based financial advice and services practice, consisting of a team of financial advisers, tax practitioners and mortgage specialists.

“I’m delighted to take over as the Chair of TAA, a non-profit, member-based association with a long history going back to before 1925. We will be working with and representing our members, and are committed to collaborating with other associations and key stakeholders to ensure Australian consumers can have access to quality, affordable advice, without reducing necessary consumer protections. We will also engage with the Government’s Quality Advice Review this year to remove unnecessary red-tape for advisers, enabling them to more efficiently service their clients.”

The TAA Board is comprised of representatives from its member base: Authorised Representatives of AMP Financial Planning (AMPFP) and Hillross Financial Services.

Along with the association’s CEO, the Board is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the association and works in partnership with AMP, AMP Financial Planning and Hillross to get a better outcome for all stakeholders, including everyday Australians and their members’ clients.