Teddington Legal continues to shake up the legal profession, giving legal professionals alternative ways to practice law and lifestyle options not previously available to them.

“We have set up a framework whereby lawyers have complete control and freedom over how they practice law,” said Teddington Founder and lawyer, Mark Gardiner. “Not only does this give lawyers a pragmatic way to run their practice, but gives them back their life.”

The concept of new law or modern, flexible and viable alternatives to big legal practices, is forcing change in the legal sector.

According to Teddington Legal CEO and Managing Director Nicole Billett, there is a middle ground between new and old law.

“Traditionally, lawyers have had two career options available to them – an employed role or out on their own. Teddington has created a middle ground that now gives them the best of these two options.”

Billett said the traditional career model for legal professionals needs to be challenged. “Many highly skilled and qualified lawyers are now at the point where they are questioning their future in the industry and how and if they want to practice law going forward.”

This is particularly the case for women with children or mid-tier lawyers, who are unable to continue their legal career as there is not the right flexibility or opportunity available to them.

While Teddington Legal is a legal practice, it tips the traditional partnership model on its head to reward practitioners for their hard work and give them autonomy over how they work and live.

For example, one lawyer who works with Teddington Legal in Adelaide, came to the legal profession quite late following a successful career in business and construction. Using Teddington’s flexible approach, he now works remotely, bringing together his business and legal expertise to service his construction clients.

“The legal profession is playing catch up in comparison to other industries when it comes to using technology to facilitate flexibility, offering career flexibility, and creating lifestyle options for legal professionals,” said Billett. “We need to help the industry speed this up or risk losing our best and brightest people.”

Teddington Legal services clients in Sydney including Surry Hills, CBD, Parramatta North, Haymarket as well as Adelaide. It provides legal services to the SME sector, offering multi-lingual services such as Chinese and Portuguese.

About Teddington
Teddington is a metropolitan multi-lingual boutique law firm specialising in the provision of legal solutions and advice to businesses and their owners. It disrupts the traditional law firm model by creating a new business model of inclusion, diversity and efficiency. Teddington uses its knowledge of the law to help build businesses, to connect the commercially minded and the legally precise to develop their ideal business. This approach provides a strong contrast to the individualistic and competitive culture of the traditional law firm.