For our very first podcast, we welcome Julia Newbould, co-author of The Joy of Money, and Managing Editor at Connexus Financial, responsible for Professional Planner events. She also looks after podcasts for Investment Magazine, a title for superannuation professionals. 


Julie Bennett: 

You’re very passionate about improving the overall financial well-being and independence of women. That’s very evident in the book that you co-wrote. I’d like to talk about women in the media, particularly finance media. Do you think we have enough female talking heads? 

Julia Newbould: 

No, we don’t. When I’m organizing events, I’m always very conscious that we do need diversity – and it’s not just a tick-the-box diversity play, it’s to get different ideas. 

As women we think about things differently and it’s not just women that we need to have diverse voices from, it’s people from different backgrounds, whether that’s cultural, demographic, socio-economic. It’s important to get the full picture and I think in finance, if you’re only hearing from the same voices, with the same types of messages, you could miss out on a lot. 

I think women look at investments and investment managers in different ways, they ask different questions and I think it’s important to have both as journalists, a mix of male and female voices, but also as participants in the industry. 

So, we’re always looking for more women because in the financial planning industry, there are only 20% women in the business. In the superannuation industry, it’s a lot more balanced. But you do get women being a little bit more reticent to speak. So, we need to encourage the voices. 


And what would you do encourage more women to start building a media profile? 


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