In this episode of Centre Stage we chat to evolution media group (EMG) CEO and Queen of finance storytelling, Vanessa Stoykov. Vanessa says the secret to great media interviews is making what you have to say interesting and compelling, so that you genuinely add value for their audiences.

EMG is an innovative financial education media business established in 1999, with a mission to help people better understand their relationships with money.Over 23 years, Vanessa and EMG have pioneered storytelling in partnership with the most senior levels of the financial services industry. The group is currently expanding a network of industry partners, the NationBuilders Collective. The media vehicle for the collective, Wicked Problems, Visionary investors serves as the groups’ B2B education platform, playing an important role in communicating the progress the industry is making towards addressing the biggest challenges of our time. EMG will be making announcements about upcoming partnerships and foundation programs over the coming months.