By Julie Bennett

You might be wondering why I’ve included a pic of a castle for this post.

Well, this is not any old castle, it’s Blarney Castle in Ireland. Legend has it that if you kiss the Blarney Stone (the tail of the shamrock is pointing to where the stone is located) you will be blessed with the gift of the gab. Now the gift of the gab is more than the ability to flatter, chatter and charm, it is the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness. 

So, do you need the gift of the gab when talking to the media? It certainly helps if you are eloquent and persuasive, and there are ways to improve your skills.  

I recently interviewed writer and editor Julia Newbould for 64 Media’s first ever Centre Stage podcast. Julia said there is not enough diversity amongst finance media commentators, and she had some sage advice for people who want to enter the foray.

She said a good way to start developing and finessing your opinions is to contribute to social media conversations. In other words, before going to wider media, practise in your own smaller social media circles. If that also seems too public a place to start, try airing your opinions with trusted friends and colleagues.  

To hear more of Julia’s insights, listen in to our podcast on our website or via your favourite platform. 


Talking to the Media