The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) has approved the Kaplan version of two Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) Professional Designations – the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) and Chartered Life Practitioner (ChLP) for two credits towards the Graduate Diploma, or otherwise as credits against an adviser’s education requirements.

AFA CEO, Philip Kewin, said, “This is great news for the many members who have completed the Kaplan version of both the FChFP and ChLP, as it allows them to move forward and plan the further study that they need to complete in order to meet the FASEA education standard.”

The FChFP and ChLP designations are both awarded through the Asia Pacific Financial Services Association (APFinSA) and are recognised by all 10 member countries.

The FChFP designation is the AFA’s professional designation and is designed for advisers who are seeking to enhance their professional reputation and business performance. The designation provides a comprehensive and innovative learning framework which balances postgraduate academic rigour with high-value applied practice development. For more information CLICK HERE.

The ChLP designation is designed for risk advisers who seek to gain formal recognition as a specialist and to demonstrate their commitment to professional development and the financial advice profession. For more information CLICK HERE.