SYDNEY: 19 December 2017 – YTML’s position as market leader in technology solutions for advice businesses has been strengthened after being identified by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) as the pick of the end-to-end advice solutions.

Released at last month’s FPA Congress in Hobart, the FPA Fintech Report gave advisers and the advice industry a roadmap of advice processes and matched them up with fintech service providers who offered tech solutions.

Featuring no less than 117 fintech service providers, YTML was identified as having it all, equipped to match every part of the advice process with a fintech solution.

The FPA Fintech Report states:

“When it comes to diversity however perhaps YTML takes the prize as an end to end advice and technology solutions provider. They assist advisers manage workflow, create and manage websites, convert excel and PDF into web based forms for engagement efficiency and document generation all with the aim of enhancing engagement and improving efficiencies.”

According to YTML General Manager Damian Murphy, the recognition reflects on YTML’s unique value proposition, to provide customized solutions to clients and to maximize the efficiencies of existing technologies around in the business.

“We are unlike any other fintech provider in the market because we are systems and software agnostic. We are not selling technology. We are creating value by working with the advice business to find the best way to deliver more advice more effectively. Its about providing the right footings for the business to grow in a scaleable way.”

He adds: “The end solution may involve technology, but it starts with a review of existing processes to identify the core requirements on how to to improve the business.”

YTML has several products available in the marketplace including Highlighter which converts Excel spreadsheets into interactive Apps, Canvas which is a website management tool and Staple to manage advice document templates.

Together these tools provide customer engagement, client experience and compliance capabilities to advice practices.

“YTML is all about connecting the dots in a business, relieving pain points and finding cost-effective and intuitive solutions utilizing technology. This gives us a high-level perspective of business issues and enables us to see the total picture, and not just deal to one challenge or issue.”

Plans for 2018 include the launch of new solutions by YTML which will address many of the common pain points for advice practices.

About YTML
Established in 2010, YTML (Your Technology Made Lite) helps financial services businesses be better. It uses technology to create bespoke solutions to business challenges and to break through business blockages and barriers. These include compliance hurdles, business change requirements and technical challenges, assisting a range of businesses in turn to extract business efficiencies and to deliver more financial advice to more Australians.