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A personalised writing service designed to help business people like you (finally!) write your business book

Helping you write your business book quickly, efficiently, authentically

We know from experience that writing a book is difficult. You face a blank page with nothing more than your (great!) ideas. So, we have designed a process to help.


First up, we help you define what your book is about and organise your thoughts 

Then, with your input, we create your book writing plan. This plan becomes the blueprint we use to help you write your book.

Next we help you formalise your idea into chapters and put them in a logical order

We then talk you through the content for each chapter.

Working with you, we draft the content, chapter by chapter

And then deliver the draft document to you for further development

We edit your chapters and put the work into one document

Then return to you for your review

We update in line with your review

And return to you for sign-off

We proofread and finalise

When we are all happy with the work, you sign it off and we deliver the final work in Word and/or PDF


  • Publish your book – but we can refer you to some experts who can!
  • We don’t do layout, graphic design, visuals, printing (or ebook formatting) or promotion of your book but, again, we can refer you to experts who do! 


Julie Bennett is your chief writer. Julie is a highly skilled communications professional with specific expertise in the financial services sector. She is also a fiction author published by Simon & Schuster Australia. Julie’s writing/editing experience includes:

  • Books
  • White Papers
  • Technical Reports
  • Annual Report
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Articles
  • Op/Eds
  • Newsletters
  • Financial services education material
  • Website Copy
  • Media Releases
  • Social Media Posts
  • Video Scripts
  • Podcasts
  • Tone of Voice documents

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