At 64 Media, we think social media is great. We encourage our clients to use it and we use it ourselves. But the thing is, everybody’s doing it now and, increasingly, social media is just a ticket to the game. We are biassed, of course, but we think social media really comes into its own after you have been published or appeared in the media (for the right reasons of course), because media stories that position you and your business in a positive way lend credibility to what you have to say.

Here’s why.

When you are interviewed by a journalist, that journalist listens to you and decides whether or not what you say is of interest to their audience. So if you are interviewed, congrats, you’ve passed that first credibility test. Secondly, if your opinions are actually published, or broadcast, it means the journalist does value what you say, so that’s a huge step forward in terms of credibility. Thirdly, if what you had to say generates a lot of interest, the journalist, and journalists working in other media, are likely to interview you again. When that happens, you are on your way to becoming a source and a thought leader and when you do your credibility will soar even higher.

But wait, there’s more. The very fact that you are published or broadcast means your opinions are going to reach people who are not already in your contacts list, people who are not your insta followers, not your Facebook friends, not your LinkedIn connections, people who are well and truly outside your tent. If you are looking for new clients that’s where you want to be.

Positive media stories are also the best kind of stories to share on your social media. They remind your existing clients and followers of their reasons for doing business with you.

To help people begin their media journey, we have published a series of blogs you can read on our website.