Press release service

You want to promote an exciting new product or service via the media, but don’t yet want a full-on public relations campaign. We get it.

64 Media has a media release service designed to help. 

Before we begin… 

Media Training

We highly recommend you participate in one of our media training sessions which we conduct online and in person, as part of a (public) group or in private, particularly if you have not had much interaction with the media before. CONTACT US to find out more about our media training

64 Media Press Release Service – How it works

We work with you to create a compelling press release and distribute it to media we identify as most appropriate to your needs, via the following process:

Step 1 – Gather information for your press release  

Step 2 – Prepare media distribution list

Step 3 – Write your press release   

Step 4 – Format the press release

Step 5 – Distribute the press release 

Step 6 – Monitor and share media mentions

64 Media also offers full public relations services and content solutions designed to help you build your business and your brand. Please CONTACT US for further information.