Synchron’s drive to best leverage innovative technology has seen it launch its inaugural event app for advisers.

The event app operates as an informational and functional tool which enables advisers to view and register for events, scan attendance details, rate content, communicate via social media and more. Plus, it automatically registers CPD points based on attendee data entered.

Independent Chairman of Synchron, Michael Harrison said this is the first step into a new world of innovation to ensure we continually deliver value to our network. “We are excited about delivering an app that provides advisers with the tools they need to manage their upcoming events. And we look forward to including further enhancements down the track such as implementing augmented reality, presentation videos and more.”

He said when Synchron looks at any tech capability, it asks how this technology can improve life for advisers and or clients.

“It is this dual quest to help advisers and clients thrive that pushes us forward and already has us exploring further apps to assist with business processes for advisers and money management topics for their clients.”

In this year’s Federal Budget the Government announced its commitment to establish Australia as a leading global financial technology (FinTech) hub, positioning our FinTech industry as a world leader.

This objective will build on the progress achieved across the industry to date and encourages individuals and businesses to innovate through greater collaboration, further develop required talent and skills, improve access to capital and support entrepreneurship.

This innovation is something that Harrison believes is integral to the future of the advice industry.

“With innovative technology such as artificial intelligence, medical tools, 3D printing and more disrupting most industries, it is inevitable that Fintech will alter the advice industry at a fundamental level. Advice businesses that adapt and employ this innovation within their businesses will be the ones to thrive moving forward.”

Monitoring not only FinTech development but all innovation is a priority for Synchron as they aim to both understand their potential business impact and explore how to capitalise on ones that may be of value to advisers and clients.

“Currently there are five main innovation pieces we believe will make a material difference to the way advice businesses operate. These include voice technology, which will lead to the creation of voice controlled products, BlockChain an overseas development that prevents data hacks, 5G which will far surpass current NBN capabilities and finally, virtual and augmented reality which will not only enable clients to view a different world, but to place themselves within it,” said Harrison.