SYDNEY: 17 September 2017 –  The new wave of entrepreneurs face significant challenges as leaders of their business without the support of a trusted adviser.

According to Teddington Legal, non-traditional education and training backgrounds coupled with limited management training and experience, can leave these leaders prone to flounder because they don’t have the skills or the resources and network around them to succeed.

According to Teddington Legal founder and lawyer, Mark Gardiner, this gap is creating an opportunity for legal professionals who are enjoying a renaissance in the outsourced in-house legal model.

“We are seeing innovative, smart, entrepreneurs coming through who need some assistance with dealing with Board matters, governance issues and business management issues and this is where legal professionals can step in and be that trusted adviser.”

Teddington Legal services the $3million to $30 million SME space. They are finding at the higher end of this bracket, CEO’s are looking for a more personalised role from their legal professional, one where they can answer their calls in their time of need.

“A new CEO does not want to lose face to the Board or admit they do not know something at a crucial meeting,” said Gardiner. “A legal professional can fill a real gap here so that they get the advice they need, but have that third party perspective given they are an outsourced model.”

Over the past 18 months, Teddington Legal has enjoyed rapid growth in terms of both lawyer network numbers, and in the client’s they are working with. Teddington Legal offers legal professionals an alternative career path to the traditional intern or partner model.

“We are giving legal professionals an opportunity to be more in charge of the way they spend time, their flexibility, and their lifestyle,” said Gardiner.

Teddington has used a fixed fee model since its inception in 2009. Lawyers do not complete time sheets nor do they have billing targets.

“Given the flexibility of the model we offer legal professionals, we are finding that this is resonating with entrepreneurial businesses who want to work with like-minded outsourced solutions such as ourselves.”

About Teddington
Teddington is a metropolitan multi-lingual boutique law firm specialising in the provision of legal solutions and advice to businesses and their owners. It disrupts the traditional law firm model by creating a new business model of inclusion, diversity and efficiency. Teddington uses its knowledge of the law to help build businesses, to connect the commercially minded and the legally precise to develop their ideal business. This approach provides a strong contrast to the individualistic and competitive culture of the traditional law firm.