In response to a call from advisers using both services, leading financial advice client engagement software provider AstuteWheel has successfully integrated with Xplan.

AstuteWheel managing director, Hans Egger, says AstuteWheel decided to integrate with Xplan following requests from mutual clients. “Responses to a question on our own survey of advisers who use AstuteWheel and Xplan revealed that over 80% wanted the integration,” he says.

The integration uses Roar Software (Roar), an integration gateway platform for financial services businesses. Fact find and reverse fact find data collected via AstuteWheel’s client-friendly online questionnaires is exported through Roar to populate Xplan. Clients already setup in Xplan can be exported to AstuteWheel ready for reviews.

“The integration eliminates the double-handling of data, thereby saving time and reducing the margin for human error,” Mr Egger says. “It also allows advisers to use all of AstuteWheel’s tools and calculators live with the client quickly and easily, leading to greater practice efficiencies and cost savings.” The financial plan is then created in Xplan in the usual way.

Mr Egger estimates that the integration saves advisers between 60 and 90 minutes in onboarding a new client into Xplan and about 40 to 60 minutes in executing reviews for existing clients, each time the adviser conducts a review. AstuteWheel provides advisers with a structured process and visual tools to make meetings more valuable and informative for the client.

“This helps clients better understand the bigger picture around how financial planning can assist them, and the benefits of individual strategies, making it easier for them to make informed decisions,” Mr Egger says.  “The integration with Xplan further enables this client-friendly journey, while also creating a compliance trail via a seamless back office process.”

Advisers can book into a live AstuteWheel  demonstration at the following link:

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