Leading corporate events management company, Targeted Program Management (TPM Events) has today launched TPM AGMs and TPM iLive, two innovative, full-service event initiatives which facilitate the hosting and management of corporate events online. 

TPM Events Director, Janette Beedell said, “The Coronavirus pandemic means that, at least for the foreseeable future, most large corporate events must be hosted virtually. Using some of the best technology available, we have taken the hard work out of it.” 

Both TPM AGMs and TPM iLIVE provide platforms for registering and hosting online events, and for delivering essential associated services.

“Most public companies must hold an annual general meeting every year and some private companies choose to hold them,” Ms Beedell said. “Earlier this month, the Federal Treasurer announced temporary reforms to the Corporations Act, which will legally allow companies to hold virtual AGMs. The TPM AGM service provides a platform for hosting them, and for managing essential associated shareholder activity, such as voting and polling.”

Features of TPM AGMs include: 
•    Online platform setup, coordination and management 
•    Secure and password protected access 
•    Branded online registration site 
•    Member communication and invitations 
•    Distribution of papers and agenda 
•    Integration of voting and polling 
•    Meeting recording 
•    Member contact centre 

The TPM iLIVE service facilitates the hosting of larger scale corporate events such as meetings, educational events and conferences in both the virtual sense and face-to-face.

“These events are often an essential part of a company’s business and corporate identity,” Ms Beedell said. “TPM iLIVE provides a back-office service that helps companies to professionally manage these events, both digital and, when they are able to recommence, face-to-face.”

Features of TPM iLIVE include:

Dedicated registration sites
•    Branded event registration site 
•    Event email confirmations 
•    Pre-event reminders 
•    Calendar download 
•    eGateway payment connection 
•    Automatic events reports 
•    Client portal access to reports 24/7 

Customised web events 
•    Production of branded and interactive event website 
•    Connection of a dedicated URL (ie www.youreventname.com.au
•    Ability to integrate with PDF downloads, videos, displays sponsor logos etc 
•    Detailed program and event information 
•    Detailed social event information 
•    Navigation Menu tabs 

For more information, please visit: https://www.tpmevents.com.au/onlineservices

Media Contact:

Janette Beedell AMM
Director, Conference and Events
Targeted Program Management
P: 02 8850 4200    M: 0412 904 803

W: https://www.tpmevents.com.au/