As we were penning our What’s on in finance piece last week, it occurred to us that there are books published every month written by, or of interest to, the business and finance communities. Here are a few titles due for release in the coming weeks.

Released 31 January 2023

Head & HeartThe Art of Modern Leadership by leadership expert, Sydney Morning Herald columnist and business leader Dr Kirstin Ferguson is described as ‘the definitive book on modern leadership’. Published by Penguin Random House Australia & New Zealand, it is built on the premise that, ‘Leadership is simply a series of moments, and every moment gives you the opportunity to leave a positive legacy for those you lead.’ Available from 31 January 2023, you can pre-order the book HERE.Dr Ferguson also invites you to take the free online Head & Heart Leader Scale which accompanies the book to test your own head and heart leadership. Simply CLICK HERE

Released 31 January 2023

Dear Digital, We Need to Talk by digital wellbeing and productivity expert Dr Kristy Goodwin, offers ‘brain-based strategies to help you thrive in the digital world without abstaining from social media or Netflix binges.’ The book suggests that while many of us may have to reconsider the relationships we have with digital, particularly if they are affecting our mental and physical wellbeing, we don’t have to break up entirely – we can still be friends. Dear Digital is published by Major Street Publishing, which has created a unique discount for those of you reading this. Simply enter the code ‘64MEDIA’ at checkout for a 20% discount. To pre-order, CLICK HERE.

Released 28 February 2023

The Millionaires’ Factory (great title by the way) by finance journalists Chris Wright and Joyce Moullakis, published by Allen & Unwin, will be released on 28 February. It tells of, ‘the extraordinary and revealing story of the Australian bank that took on the world, and the culture that lies behind its entrepreneurial approach’. It’s an unauthorised account (aren’t they the best?) based on 130 interviews, including all surviving current and former chief executives. To pre-order, CLICK HERE or HERE from outside Australia. 

Released 29 March 2023

Replace Your Salary by Investing is written by financial planner and self-professed Money Geek, Ben Nash. Published by John Wiley & Sons Australia, and available from 29 March 2023, the book promises, ‘a start-to-finish game plan to get more out of your money’, where readers can, ‘learn practical, real-world strategies, skipping the money jargon in favour of actionable principles you can apply immediately to invest more and grow your wealth.’ To pre-order, CLICK HERE.

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Did you know 64 Media’s principal, Julie Bennett is an author? Her debut novel The Understudy was published by Simon and Schuster Australia last year. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Released March 2022

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