Too early for a New Year’s resolution? Actually, it’s probably not

Before you know it, Christmas will be over, you’ll be on holidays and as you reset and recharge, your mind will turn to what you would like to achieve for your business in 2024. In fact, we almost guarantee it!

It’s surprising how many people have told us they would like to write a book – but why wouldn’t they? Having a business book to your name is possibly the best collateral you can have in your marketing toolkit because it helps with:

  • Credibility – by positioning you as an expert/authority in your field
  • Trust – by providing tangible evidence of your knowledge and skills
  • Introductions – helping prospects discover who you are and how you do business before they commit
  • Education – educating prospective and existing clients on topics they might be too embarrassed to ask you about face-to-face
  • Branding – it is a fantastic way to showcase your corporate vision, values, and unique business offer

Sometimes, a book is about creating a corporate history. These types of books are often created by bigger companies – but there’s no reason smaller businesses can’t also create them.

While we have come across many people wanting to write business books and corporate histories, we’ve also heard that the biggest impediment to actually sitting down to do it has not been the lack of great ideas, but getting started. The next biggest is finding time to sit down and finish that first draft.

There’s no getting away from the fact that writing a business book requires intellectual capital, and time. But what better time to start thinking about it than the New Year? Especially given we have developed a process designed to take the ‘hard’ out of the work involved.

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